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A Day of Action Against Airport Expansion

As the need to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy gets ever more urgent (experts agree that we now have only 5 years to start significantly lowering emissions if we are to keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees C), airport expansion has to be stopped.

As trade unionists we need to be involved to ensure that workers' employment, terms and conditions are protected; we know from the past that if we do nothing, workers get thrown on the scrapheap, but we also know that a million skilled, well paid climate jobs will be needed in this country to switch to renewables, retrofit our houses and extend rail services instead of more short haul flights. Join the action and join in the discussion about how we come up with a plan before they impose one.

On 1 October, with the London runway decision looming, Reclaim the Power are organising a family-friendly flashmob at a London airport, plus a critical mass bike ride. Find out more on the Facebook page... and please sign up on the pledge page....