Branch Statements

The following UCU London Retired Members Branch statements were written on our behalf by David Binns

  1. Mahdi Abu Dheeb Released, Repression Continues
  2. Bahrain Trade Union Breakthrough, UCU initiated Joint Statement published (29th September 2015)
  3. Bahrain: unions launch campaign against UK failure to act on abuses (24th September 2015)
  4. More on Mahdi Abu Dheeb: News from Amnesty (5th September 2015)
  5. Support Early Day Motion 241 (11th August 2015)
  6. Solidarity with the Teachers of Bahrain: News from Education International (8 July 2015)
  7. UCU Congress debates call for an international union led inquiry into repression in Bahrain (22nd May 2015)
  8. Oppose Opening of British Base in Bahrain! (14th May 2015)
  9. Bahrain Watch and the Struggle for the Historical Record (26nd March 2015)
  10. State Violence in Manama: Four Years On (26th February 2015)
  11. Bahrain trials update (1st February 2015)
  12. Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab faces jail for a tweet (29 October 2014)
  13. Defend Maryam Al-Khawaja (28 September 2014)
  14. Bahrain: Trade unions and the struggle for democracy (30 July 2014)
  15. Bahrain: Activists launch international campaign against Formula One race (2 April 2014)
  16. Defend the Bahrain Teachers: An Open Letter to UCU Members (17 September 2013)