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Statement from the Campaign Against Tube Privatisation on the proposed closure of part of Finsbury Park Underground

On April 20th, without any consultation, the Wells Terrace entrance to Finsbury Park Tube is due to be closed for 3 long years in order to build lifts and shut our ticket office with its helpful staff. Transport for London, chaired by Boris Johnson,is closing all tube ticket offices and 900 tube workers' jobs are to disappear.

The 3 year closure means passengers, alighting from buses at Wells Terrace, will have to walk in rush-hour hordesunder the rail bridge where a narrow pavement, already squeezed by cycle lanes and current rush-hour pedestrians, will become a safety risk. At the same time new ticket gates at Station Place will add to the turmoil.With a doubling of overcrowding, who will deal with this proposed mayhem? The present diminishing number of tube staff?Overcrowding on tube platforms has recently led to an increasing toll of deaths, injuries and "one under" incidents throughout the system show that we need more staff on platforms to assist passengers. Has anyone carried out a risk assessment?

TfL could not even be bothered to send a single representative to the recent Finsbury Park Trust conference where the demand for a neighbourhood plan and some real consultation was raised. No wonder Jermy Corbyn warned of station "chaos". As othwer letter-writers have indicated TfL should postpone this rushed closure and consult local residents, tube and bus passengers, local community groups, trade unions and local small businesses. Will TfL provide compensation? Let our famous mayor know your views. Contact him at

At the time of a General Election, local people need to remind all politicians that we demand our democratic right to proper consultation about our community and our safety. The nearer their rotten deadline gets, the louder and clearer we need to be!