University and College Union
London Retired Members' Branch

Solidarity With All Refugees

The London Retired UCU rejects the Government’s present racism about refugees. This is a racism that in sealing the borders of Europe is leading to death on a horrific scale as well as the exploitation of those without papers within the UK and across Europe.

We recognise that migration is a product of a global system of inequality, war and persecution. Migrants are not the cause of austerity, the housing crisis, job cuts or education cuts. We deplore the Government’s pathetic offer of 20,000 places over 5 years for all refugees. In particular, we deplore the failure of the British Government to open the doors to the refugees in Calais. We offer solidarity to those in the camps in Calais, agree to support the sending of delegations to anti-racist solidarity events in Calais and in the UK and call on the British government to immediately grant the refugees in Calais the right to reside in the UK. THe refugees currently residing in the UK sovereign bases in Cyprus should also be immediately admitted.

We also condemn the use of anti-terrorism powers by British police and border agency officials to harass volunteers who have taken aid to Calais

Furthermore, we reject any national or local policy which discriminates against refugees living in the UK and demands they receive free healthcare, equal welfare rights and the Government withdraws its present policy of banning refugees from working who have not been given residency. In particular, we demand that the Government boosts the ESOL programme immediately and provides suitable education for retraining adult refugees.

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