30-minute solidarity climate stoppage

Support UCU’s TUC motion for a 30-minute solidarity climate stoppage

Millions of school students across the globe have struck for climate justice. Their action has forced governments across the world and the UK parliament to declare a climate emergency. We need to keep up this pressure. If this is not achieved then the earth’s climate will have passed a dangerous tipping point with temperatures rising up to 4 degrees by the end of the century – in the lifetime of young people alive today.

Climate is a trade union issue. Trade unionists must play a central role in shaping the way society’s economic and social organisation meets the needs of future generations and the planet.

Greta Thurnberg’s call for a climate strike and for adults, workers and trade unionists to join the global school students’ strike on 20 September 2019 is one that trade unionists from all unions must take seriously. The UK School Climate Network has supported this call and asks trade unionists to support. The strike will initiate a week of climate action.

In line with motions passed at UCU Congress, the union is submitting the motion below to the forthcoming TUC Congress which takes place from 8 to 11 September in Brighton.

We are calling on all the TUC affiliate unions, student unions throughout our colleges and universities and politicians and community groups, to support the call for a 30-minute workday stoppage in solidarity with the global school student strike on 20 September.

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Our school students are fighting for a better future for us all. Let’s make sure they are not fighting alone.