TUC LESE Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network

Newsletter #3

The third Newsletter of the TUC London, East & South East Region  Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network can be downloaded here…

Articles on:

  • Cop Out 26 – A response from the Global South
  • Edmonton Incinerator Update
  • Walthamstow Mall towers too tall to be green
  • Redevelopment of the Holloway Prison Site
  • Green Jobs and Skills in London
  • Greener Jobs Alliance – insulation special issue
  • Unions in Yorkshire and the Humber – partners in the climate transition?
  • Greenwash: Oil industry promotes carbon capture fantasy
  • Stop the Silvertown Tunnel
  • COP26 – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – London Hazards Centre
  • In Wet’suwet’en territory, Indigenous land defenders and their supporters are fighting to save their ancestral land from the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline

TUC LESE Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network


The first Newsletter of the TUC London, East & South East Region  Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network can be downloaded here..

Articles on

  • Silvertown Tunnel – Stop Digging
  • Students and workers of the world unite – there is no planet B
  • Book Review: Andreas Malm, Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
  • RMT statement on report that green energy will be main source of offshore employment by 2030
  • Debate
    • The Case for the Renewal of North London Waste Authority Edmonton Incinerator
    • Opposing the Rebuild of the Edmonton Incinerator
  • Diary of Events

POLICE RACISM and UNION COLLUSION – the John Fernandes Case

In the early 1980s, John Fernandes, a lecturer at the Metropolitan Police Cadet School in Northwest London, published some essays by police cadets that were clearly racist. In the ensuing scandal, John was dismissed and his trade union, NATFHE, one of the forerunners of UCU, initiated disciplinary proceedings against officers of his branch who supported him. Now, nearly 40 years later, a pamphlet written to support John at the time has been found and digitised. At a time when the relationship between the police and the black community is in the news, it provides a useful contribution to the debate. It is particularly relevant to the discussion about the difference between “Multicultural Education” and “Anti-racist Education”.

The pamphlet, “POLICE RACISM and UNION COLLUSION – the John Fernandes Case” by the National Convention of Black Teachers, may be downloaded here…

Those who remember the events will be pleased to know that John, now a member of the UCU London Retired Members branch, is alive and well and living in Goa.… Read on ...

Mugsborough Then & Now

The story of Robert Tressell and his book has been told and re-told by various authors, each account framed in accordance with their own perspective. His novel has also been the subject of academic scrutiny and literary criticism, but the approach adopted here is different. This new book focuses on the striking, not to say shocking parallels with modern day Britain, comparing Tressell’s descriptions of early 20th century Britain and with their 21st century counterparts.

Each subject is split into two parts, with the first section quoting examples from The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and in the second part evidence based modern-day equivalents are introduced.

buy the book on ebay for £5…

Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors

Edited by Steve Cushion and Christian Høgsbjerg
ISBN 978-0-9930104-9-1
An Occasional Publication from The Socialist History Society [£5]

Book Launch 14th November 2019 6:30pm
Bookmarks Bookshop
1 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QE

Speakers:- Steve Cushion, Christian Høgsbjerg (chair) and Merilyn Moos

Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors – Introduction – Dave Gilchrist (Bookmarks) and Christian Høgsbjerg

Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors Resistance to the Nazis from 1933 from within the German workers’ movement (Merilyn Moos)

Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors Steve Cushion

The publication tells the story of some courageous individuals and groups who put their commitment to a progressive cause before any consideration of loyalty to a nation state, in particular people who have acted from principle when they consider that the country of their birth is acting in a repressive or unjust manner. We are particularly interested in those who have taken up arms against their “own side”, soldiers who side with the oppressed, rather than following orders to kill and subjugate, as well as civilians who actively resisted their own authoritarian governments during times of war.

Who stole the town hall?

In this provocative new book, Peter Latham argues that the UK Conservative Government’s devolution agenda conceals their real intention: to complete the privatisation of local government and other public services.
Using illustrative examples from across the UK, including the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’ and the Midlands, the book explains the far-reaching implications of the reorganisation of local government that is already affecting vital public services, including education, health, housing and policing.
Proposing an overhaul of the taxation system to include land value taxation, a wealth tax and more progressive income tax to fund an increase in directly provided services, the author argues that a new basis for federal, regional and local democracy is vital.

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Two contrasting reviews

We have just received notice of two reviews of Steve Cushion’s book “The Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution“.

One from “Solidarity”, the newspaper of “Workers Liberty”, the other from “Special Warfare” which styles itself “The Professional Bulletin of US Army Special Operations”.
The first  says that “He reproduces the hackneyed Stalinist version of events“, while the US Army journal says “Perhaps Cushion’s most significant contribution is the detailed account of organized labor that fought the Batista regime in parallel to the guerrillas“.