Deportations Crisis – One step forward, much more needed

The Home Secretary’s statement in Parliament yesterday is good as far as it goes. She promises:

  • A new taskforce dedicated to helping those affected
  • Plans to work with departments across government to gather evidence on behalf of immigrants – documentation for every year is usually expected, such as bank statements or payslips
  • A pledge that all cases will be resolved in two weeks
  • All fees for new documentation waived so people are not “out of pocket” – normally £229
  • A new website will be set up with information and a direct contact point

This is the very least they could do. If the Home Secretary is genuine when saying that it was “wrong” and “appalling”, she should make amends.

We therefore continue our call for Full Amnesty, that those who have been deported be brought back immediately at no cost to themselves, that those denied the right of return, or denied medical treatment, or lost their jobs or homes, be given full reinstatement and compensation. In the meantime, there should be full access to NHS services.

The Home Secretary has attempted to shift the blame onto civil servants in her department. This is deplorable. The civil servants were implementing the government policy of a “Hostile Environment”, based on the 2014 Immigration Act, which was initiated by Theresa May and continued by Amber Rudd. In order that this injustice shall not be repeated, we shall continue to campaign for it to be scrapped.