All cleaners on the University of London contract have been brought in-house, following a relentless campaign that led to the in-sourcing of their reception-based colleagues and security officers earlier this year.

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The In-House brings back an equality that has been long denied to outsourced workers. This transfer also means important material gains: enhanced annual leave, pay raise, dignified pensions, enhanced parental leave. Rights you should have never been denied to outsourced workers
This Victory is a major vindication of the outsourced workers’ strategy of combining strikes with a national boycott of the university’s events.
In these challenging times for precarious workers, we believe this victory brings hope and shows other outsourced workers the path to follow: a path of determination, boldness, unity and solidarity.

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Maritza Castillo Calle, chair of University of London Branch of their trade union, the IWGB, said:

“Today, All the cleaning workers joined the University directly today, after a vibrant and brilliant campaign. These precarious workers have been suffering for years from abuses by outsourced companies. This is a big victory for these workers who , will the end of outsourcing, will now enjoy the same terms and conditions as the workers who work directly for the University, these conditions should never have been denied to these subcontracted workers.  This victory will be very significant in showing other outsourced workers the way to fight for their rights and better conditions. I must really congratulate all the cleaners for achieving this great victory”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported the boycott and our campaign.  This victory would have been impossible without your steadfast support.

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