Climate change, COP26, zero carbon economy and job creation

Our branch’s motion to UCU Congress was composited with others and passed
Votes in favour 220
Votes against 4
Registered abstentions 4

The COP26 talks in Glasgow in November 2021 come at a crucial time. According to a recent report by the Environment Agency, climate change is hitting the ‘worst case scenario’. This means hotter temperatures, more extreme weather conditions, drought, famine, ecosystem destruction, biodiversity loss and much more. And as always it will be communities in the Global South who feel the worst impacts.

While we welcome any action to deal with the climate crisis, we need to beware false solutions that focus on the market or billionaires to rescue us.Read on ...

TUC LESE Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network


The first Newsletter of the TUC London, East & South East Region  Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network can be downloaded here..

Articles on

  • Silvertown Tunnel – Stop Digging
  • Students and workers of the world unite – there is no planet B
  • Book Review: Andreas Malm, Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
  • RMT statement on report that green energy will be main source of offshore employment by 2030
  • Debate
    • The Case for the Renewal of North London Waste Authority Edmonton Incinerator
    • Opposing the Rebuild of the Edmonton Incinerator
  • Diary of Events

Opposing the Rebuild of the Edmonton Incinerator

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA), on behalf of the seven north London boroughs, plans to replace the current incinerator with a new, much bigger version which will burn rubbish that could otherwise be recycled. The toxic pollution, including tiny particle pollution, from this new incinerator will harm everyone who lives, works and studies nearby. The waste incinerator sits in one of the poorest areas of the country, where air pollution already breaches legal limits. UK waste incinerators are three times more likely to be in deprived areas.

The incinerator is an environmental disaster. Waste incinerators currently release an average of around 1 tonne of CO2 for every tonne of waste incinerated.Read on ...


  • A Zero Covid strategy is an alternative to the chaotic policy of “living with the virus”, with its on-off lockdowns, needless deaths and illnesses, failed, privatised services, and damage to livelihoods.
  • This requires a lockdown until cases are low enough for a publicly run Test, Trace and Support system to locate the remaining cases.
  • Making a lockdown effective requires financial support and resources to empower collective discipline and social solidarity rather than crude police enforcement.
  • Only workplaces with Covid Safe certification should be allowed to open until it is safe for restrictions to be lifted. Until cases are low enough, all non-essential workers should be supported to stay at home.
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UCU Congress Climate Motion 2021

Conference recognises that a zero-carbon economy has huge implications for the jobs of UCU members. Job creation and measures needed to meet climate targets must be a central focus for UCU strategy. We call upon the NEC to:

  1. Support the COP26 coalition. Mobilise for Glasgow and G7 events by supporting branches climate solidarity action with students, unions, and campaign organisations
  2. Review UCU activity and infrastructure and draw up a plan for the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions with a progress report to the 2022 conference
  3. Review all UCU training programmes and Branch guidance to ensure that the appointment of Green Reps and Green New Deal (GND) bargaining is referenced.
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The foreign and defence review

This branch condemns the government’s preposterous and wasteful ‘Indo-Pacific’ defence strategy which involves increased expenditure on  nuclear warheads. We call on UCU to campaign for more rational expenditure on such areas as combating climate change, an internationally just distribution of anti-pandemic measures and increased UK foreign aid.

GP Practices: Privatisation by Stealth

This branch is appalled that privatisation is already hitting our GP surgeries without any consultation. We note Prof. Allyson Pollock’s recent warning that 49 GP surgeries would suddenly be under the control of  “Integrated Care Systems” (ICSs) run by an American health insurance corporation called Centene (In Islington, Hanley Rd. And Mitchison Rd. GPs)
The aim of these ICSs is both to centralise and to save spending (especially on “frail, vulnerable” and elderly patients), de-skill professional health jobs,cut staff training, conditions and contracts
ICSs mean a major re-organisation of the NHS into 42 regions, under cover of the Covid pandemic. It will rid our government of  the local CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) – made up largely of  medically-qualified locals.… Read on ...

UN Anti Racism Day

Fighting Racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism & Fascism – Organised by Stand Up To Racism & The TUC
About this Event

1PM: #TakeTheKnee wherever you are

1-2PM: Live link with actions around the world

5PM: Major Online Rally

Speakers Include: •• Diane Abbott MP •• Afzal Khan MP •• Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP •• Richard Burgon MP •• Peter Hain, Labour Peer •• Christine Buchholz, Member of German Bundestag •• Kevin Courtney, NEU Joint General Secretary •• Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary •• Roger Mckenzie, UNISON Assistant General Secretary •• Mavuso Misimang, former ANC underground leader •• Halima Begum, Runnymede Trust Chief Executive •• Dr Peng Wang, University lecturer subjected to racist attack in Southampton •• Jacqueline Mckenzie, Windrush Justice Project •• All Black LIves UK •• David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialists’ Group •• Shahrar Ali, Green Party Home Affairs Spokesperson •• Plus Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism

Professor David Miller

The University of Bristol has come under huge pressure to sack one of its senior academics, Professor David Miller. Allegations have been made about the content of a lecture he delivered in 2019 and subsequent statements. His accusers at the university have been supported by external bodies alleging that his teaching, research and public statements are antisemitic.

The following motion was passed by the UCU Branch at Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett UCU wishes to extend its solidarity to Professor David Miller of Bristol University. While criticisms of Israel can take an anti-Semitic form, there is no evidence to suggest that Professor Miller’s comments strayed into this territory.

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