All cleaners on the University of London contract have been brought in-house, following a relentless campaign that led to the in-sourcing of their reception-based colleagues and security officers earlier this year.

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The In-House brings back an equality that has been long denied to outsourced workers. This transfer also means important material gains: enhanced annual leave, pay raise, dignified pensions, enhanced parental leave. Rights you should have never been denied to outsourced workers
This Victory is a major vindication of the outsourced workers’ strategy of combining strikes with a national boycott of the university’s events.
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A message from UEL UCU requesting support

UEL set to make the only compulsory redundancies in London higher education institutions

Dear friends and colleagues

We are writing to tell you about the dispute at the University of East London over restructuring and cuts that are happening now and proposed for the future. We ask for your support in resisting the changes that are currently being forced through at UEL.

These are the changes we are facing:

  • UEL is the only London university making compulsory redundancies
  • UEL put 441 staff at risk of redundancy, and lost 100 staff with Voluntary Severance
  • union victimisation – the 11 compulsory redundancies include 4 UCU activists, including the Chair and V/Chair
  • unnecessary job losses have left staff with unsustainable workloads
  • cuts have damaged world-class programmes and research & the university’s capacity to carry out its basic functions.
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UCU’s Fund the Future FE campaign

UCU members in further, adult and prison education are invited to register for UCU’s Fund the Future FE launch webinar: 7 July 2020 from 5:00pm till 6:15pm. Register here.

This event will launch UCU’s Fund the Future FE campaign. It will be the beginning of a discussion about the role of our sector post the Covid-19 crisis. A discussion document has been produced with input from members of UCU’s further education committee (FEC) to set out a vision and start the conversation which can be found here.

This exciting launch event will cover the many aspects of our complex sector and will be followed up by further webinars for each area.… Read on ...

Sacking of Long-Bailey

The University and College Union (UCU) branch at the Grand Parade campus of the University of Brighton passed the following resolution:

This branch expresses its dismay that the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Rebecca Long-Bailey, has been sacked for retweeting an article from The Independent, by the actor Maxine Peake, which linked Israeli training to the ‘knee on the neck’ tactic of restraint. The branch notes that this is not an egregious link: the tactic is widespread in its use by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters, and that the training of US law-enforcement officers by Israeli agencies has been in existence for many years.Read on ...

Sign the Petition against the suspension of free travel for Older Persons during morning peak hours

Given that very few older persons are using public transport as the overwhelming majority are abiding by government advice and recognising that once any right is withdrawn, it is always hard to regain,
We the undersigned call for an immediate withdrawal of the suspension of free travel for Older Person’s Freedom Pass and and 60+ Card during morning peak hours.

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Len_Duvall, London Assembly Member for Greenwich & Lewisham and Leader of the London Assembly Labour Group said:
The Government’s attack on the Freedom Pass and 60+ Card is an attack on us all. It hits workers, it hits the vulnerable, it hits those least able to afford a fares rise.Read on ...

Solidarity with Mikalaj Valadzko

I hope you will take a few minutes to consider supporting a LabourStart campaign of basic class significance. It concerns denial of right to independent trade union representation among a group of vulnerable workers in Belarus. At the centre of the picture is dismissal of union organiser Mikalaj Valadzko. The LabourStart solidarity appeal underlines the urgency of international labour movement support:

Mikalaj Valadzko was suspended from his job at a shaft sinking project in Belarus after he started a local union to defend workers’ rights. The work is being carried out by German company Redpath Deilmann owned by Canadian company Redpath Mining.Read on ...

Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day, held on 28 April every year, brings together workers and their representatives from all over the world to remember the dead and fight for the living. 

The theme for the day is: ‘Stop the Pandemic in the Workplace.’

Workers are in the coronavirus front line, never has the WMD slogan “Remember the dead, Fight for the living” been so crucial as it is today during the fight against Covid-19. The pandemic is having a major impact on all of us, not just on lives and physical well-being but on our mental health as well, causing people anxiety, worry and putting them under additional stress.… Read on ...


Stop a SECOND waste incinerator at Belvedere,  Borough of Bexley.  The existing plant is already the largest incinerator in Greater London. (24 other London boroughs have no incinerators!) The 2nd plant planned for the site, is to take London wide commercial waste for incineration. There will be extra health and environmental hazards caused by operating 2 giant waste burning incinerators in one place.

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You may also be interested in this article on the Edmonton incinerator rebuild from the Waltham Forest Echo…

Bring Rayan Crawford back home to Tower Hamlets

Rayan was deported on Tuesday, 11th February. He is a resident of Tower Hamlets and lived with his partner, Jana, an EU citizen who has Indefinite Leave to Remain, and their two sons, aged three and twelve, both of whom were born in the UK and have British Passports. Rayan was closely involved in his children’s upbringing. The evidence shows ‘separated children develop emotional, behavioural and educational problems, including anxiety, depression and attachment difficulties’. Rayan was deported with no money, no belongings, no medication and no support plan for his medical condition in Jamaica.

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Rayan came over to Britain to live with his father and step mother, both British citizens, at the age of 12.… Read on ...